Seminar by Prof. Luigi Rodino

Speaker : Prof Luigi Rodino, Universita di Torino

Title: Fourier Analysis
(200 years after Fourier's "Théorie analytique de la chaleur")

Date and Time: 30.9.2022, 15:00 hrs(IST)

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We first present a short historical survey on the scientific activity of
Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier, culminating in the 1822 publication
of his work on thermal conduction and series expansion of functions.
We then fix attention on two main developments of the Fourier Analysis,
as we call it now. First, we consider the applications to the partial
differential equations, from the results of Fourier for the heat equation
till the contributions of Schwartz and Hormander, concerning the general
theory in the frame of the distributions. As second main stream in recent
times, we present the applications to Signal Theory and Quantum Mechanics,
from the perspective of the contributions of Gabor and Wigner.