Seminar by Dr. Shreedevi K Masuti

Speaker: Dr. Shreedevi K Masuti;
Date: 19th March, 2019 (Tuesday);
Time: 12 Noon;
Venue: Committee Room, Department of Mathematics.

Title: Hilbert functions of Gorenstein Algebras.

Abstract: Hilbert function is an important numerical invaraint associated to an affine or a projective variety. It is a usual philosophy that the Hilbert function reflects the additional structure of the variety. Classification of the Hilbert functions of algebras with additional properties (like Gorenstein, level or complete interesection) is a challenging problem in commutative algebra. Recently, jointly with M. E. Rossi, we classified the possible Hilbert funcions of Gorenstein (more generally, level) algebras in some cases (Artinian algebras of socle degree 4). In this talk we will discuss these new developements.