Seminar by Dr. Arnapurna Panda

Date: 04/01/19
Time: 12 noon
Venue: Committee room

Title : Solving dynamic multi-objective optimization problems using nature inspired metaheuristics and their real life applications

Abstract : The dynamic multi-objective optimization problems (DMOPs) basically deal with objectives that are conflicting with each other and they change over time or environments. Thus a non-dominated solution with time becomes dominated and vice versa. In constrained scenarios, at times the constraint may also change with time. Thus a feasible solution may become infeasible and the reciprocal is also possible. This uncertain scenario need investigation and requires development of new strategies to
deal with these problems. One of the potential application is Railway Junction Rescheduling Problem. Ex. Suppose a train get delayed due to a disturbance, which leads to miss its scheduled time table. This results in conflict with another train scheduled to use that same track. To avoid the conflict a train dispatcher may have to delay other trains competing for the same track, which will propagate the delay throughout the network. Rescheduling is more difficult to deal with than scheduling (making a perfect schedule for the trains at a juncrion) because it involves rapid decision making within a time frame.