Seminar by Dr. Tapas Pandit, Postdoctoral fellow, IISC Bangalore

Speaker: Dr. Tapas Pandit, Postdoctoral fellow, IISC Bangalore

Date and Time: 30/11/2018 (Friday) at 11 AM

Venue: MZ 195, Committee room, Department of Mathematics

Title: Signcryption in a quantum world.

Post-quantum cryptography deals with cryptosystems that run on conventional computers and are secure against attacks by potential quantum computers. Quantum security is an ultimate goal in the race of modern cryptographic designs. This will ensure the security against quantum adversary even if the protocols run in the quantum computers.
Signcryption is an important public key cryptographic primitive which provides the functionality of encryption and signature, i.e., both confidentiality and authenticity of data. In the classical setting, An, Dodis and Rabin (Eurocrypt, 2002) proposed generic constructions of signcryption schemes based on three paradigms, viz., encrypt-then-sign
(EtS), sign-then-encrypt (StE) and commit-then-encrypt-and-sign (CtE&S). In this talk, we first explain a brief overview of post-quantum and quantum security of cryptographic protocols. Then, we discuss syntax, security definition and different paradigms (EtS, StE and CtE&S) of signcryption. Finally, we briefly illustrate the security of these paradigms in a quantum world.