Seminar by Prof. Debdip Ganguly, IISER Pune

Speaker: Prof. Debdip Ganguly, IISER Pune

Date and Time: 20/11/2018 (Tuesday) at 11 AM

Venue: MZ 194, Seminar room, Department of Mathematics

Title: On the equivalence of heat Kernels.

Abstract: Let P be a second-order, symmetric, and nonnegative elliptic operator with real coefficients defined on noncompact Riemannian manifold M, and let V be a real-valued function which belongs to the class of small perturbation potentials with respect to the heat kernel of P in M. We prove that under some further geometric assumptions the
positive minimal heat kernels of P-V and of P on M are equivalent. This is a joint work with Yehuda Pinchover.