Seminar by Prof. Apala Majumdar from University of Bath, United Kingdom

Speaker: Prof. Apala Majumdar (Reader in Applied Mathematics, University of Bath, United Kingdom)

Date and Time: 31/1/2018 (Wednesday) at 4:00 PM

Venue: MZ 195, Committee Room, Department of Mathematics

Title:  Multistability for Liquid Crystal SystemsAbstract: Nematic liquid crystals are classical examples of mesophases intermediate between solids and liquids, with anisotropic or direction-dependent optical and electro-magnetic properties. We review two popular continuum theories for nematic liquid crystals: the Oseen-Frank and the Landau-de Gennes theories. We illustrate how these theories can be applied to liquid crystal devices, with the Planar Bistable Nematic device as a case study. We model the Planar Bistable Nematic Device in terms of problems in the calculus of variations and theory of elliptic partial differential equations. We use tools from singular perturbation theory, topology, functional analysis and numerical methods to study the multiple solution branches as a function of the geometry, boundary conditions, temperature and material properties. We provide a semi-analytic description of a previously unreported Well Order Reconstruction solution in this planar device.