Name and Research Area Contact
Faculty Members


Biplab Basak

Associate Professor

Research interests:  Algebraic Topology, Combinatorial Topology and Discrete Mathematics

 Email: biplab[at]maths.iitd.ac.in

 Office: MZ160

 Phone: 8702



Niladri Chatterjee (Soumitra Dutta Chair Professor in AI)


Research interests: Machine Translation, Artificial Intelligence, Reasoning, Statistical Modelling and Semantic Web

Email: niladri[at]maths.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 1490

Office: MZ199




Aparajita Dasgupta

Associate Professor

Research interests:  Harmonic Analysis; Pseudo-differential operators. 

E-mail: adasgupta[at]maths.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 1454

Office: MZ179



Minati De

Assistant Professor

Research interests: Space-efficient Data Structures, Analysis of Algorithms, Approximation Algorithms, Combinatorial and Computational Geometry, Graph Theory

Email:    minati[at]maths.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 1493

Office: 428 E, Block-II


S. Dharmaraja (Institute Chair Professor)


Research interests: Stochastic Modeling, Statistical Data Analysis, Queuing Theory and Financial Mathematics

E-mail: dharmar[at]maths.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 7104

Room: MZ 164




Debdip Ganguly

Associate Professor

Research interests: Partial Differential Equations, Geometric Analysis

E-mail: debdipmath[at]gmail.com




Neeraj Joshi

Assistant Professor

Research interests: Sequential Analysis, Statistical Inference,
Reliability & Life Testing

E-mail: njoshi[at]maths.iitd.ac.in


Room: GPF3, MGGP Complex



Surjeet Kour

Assistant Professor

Research interests: Commutative Algebra, Algebraic Geometry

E-mail: surjeetkour[at]maths.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 1394

Office: Block II- 428 G




Harish Kumar

Associate Professor

Research interests: Computational methods for Partial Differential Equations

E-mail: hkumar[at]maths.iitd.ac.in

Phone:  1481

Office: MZ 183



N. Shravan Kumar

Associate Professor

Research interests: Abstract Harmonic Analysis

E-mail: shravankumar[at]maths.iitd.ac.in

Phone:  1485

Office: MZ 148



V. V. K. Srinivas Kumar

Assistant Professor

Research interests: Computational Partial Differential Equations

Email: vvksrini[at]maths.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 1474

Office: MZ 178



Anant Kumar Majee

Assistant Professor

Research interests: Stochastic Conservation Laws; Stochastic Optimal Control in Ferromagnetism

E-mail: majee[at]maths.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 1428

Office: MZ 177



Aparna Mehra

Professor, Head of Department

Research interests: Optimization Theory

E-mail: apmehra[at]maths.iitd.ac.in 

Phone: 7106

Office: MZ151



Mani Mehra


Research interests: Wavelet methods for Partial Differential Equations, Numerical Methods

E-mail: mmehra[at]maths.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 1487

Office: MZ 197



Vivek Mukundan

Assistant Professor

Research interests: Commutative Algebra, Algebraic Geometry





Anima Nagar

Associate Professor

 Research interests: Dynamical Systems

E-mail: anima[at]maths.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 1482

Office: MZ190




Bhawani Shankar Panda


Research interests: Graph Theory, Algorithms and Parallel Computing

Email: bspanda[at]maths.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 1448

Office: MZ194




Shiv Prakash Patel

Assistant Professor

Research interests: Representation theory, automorphic forms, Number theory

E-mail: shiv[at]maths.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 1396

Office: 428 H, Block-II



Kamana Porwal

Associate Professor

Research interests: Finite element methods for PDEs and optimal control problems

E-mail: kamana[at]maths.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 1495

Office: MZ 170



Amit Priyadarshi

Associate Professor

Research interests: Fractal Dimensions, Positive Operators

E-mail: priyadarshi[at]maths.iitd.ac.in

Phone : 1484




Ashutosh Rai

Assistant Professor

Research interests: Theoretical Computer Science, Parameterized Complexity, Graph Algorithms




E-mail: ashutosh.rai[at]maths.iitd.ac.in

Phone : 





S. C. S. Rao


Research interests: Parallel Computing, Numerical Analysis

Email: scsr[at]maths.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 1489

Office: MZ 164


Biswajyoti Saha

Assistant Professor

Research interests: Number Theory

Email: biswajyoti[at]maths.iitd.ac.in





Ekata Saha

Assistant Professor

Research interests: Number Theory

Email: ekata[at]maths.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 8449

Office: 421 E, Block II



Sivananthan Sampath


Research interests: Applied Harmonic Analysis, Inverse Problems, Learning Theory

E-mail: siva[at]maths.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 1473

Office: MZ 155



Ritumoni Sarma

Associate Professor

Research interests: Algebra

E-mail: ritumoni[at]maths.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 1446


Punit Sharma

Associate Professor

Research interests: Distance problems for matrix pencils and polynomials, Perturbation theory for linear and nonlinear eigenvalue problems, Stability of control systems, Nearness problems in control theory


E-mail: punit.sharma[at]maths.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 1475

Office: 428 F, Block -II



Rajendra Kumar Sharma (ConsenSys Blockchain Chair Professor)


Research interests: Algebra and Cryptography

E-mail: rksharma[at]maths.iitd.ac.in 


Office: MZ 184

Vikas Vikram Singh

Assistant Professor

Research interests: Stochastic Games, Chance Constraints, Stochastic Optimization, Distributionally Robust Optimization

E-mail: vikassingh[at]maths.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 1452

Office: MZ 191


K. Sreenadh (Institute Chair Professor)


Research interests: Applied Nonlinear Functional analysis, Partial Differential equations


Phone:+91-11-2659 1470

Office Address:  MZ 172


Amitabha Tripathi (Vaidya-Saolapurkar Chair Professor)


Research interests: Number Theory, Ramsey Theory, Graph Theory

E-mail: atripath[at]maths.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 1486

Office: MZ 167


Viswanathan Puthan Veedu

Associate Professor

Research interests: Approximation Theory, Fractal Functions

E-mail: viswa[at]maths.iitd.ac.in

Phone: 1404

Office:  MZ 147