MTL785: Natural Language Processing

3 Credits (3-0-0)

Overlaps with: COL772

Linguistic Essentials: Parts of speech and morphology, inflectional versus derivational morphology, Phrase structure and link grammar, Syntax and syntactic theory, Semantics - semantic annotations, semantic similarity, Syntactic and semantic Ambiguity, Anaphora and cataphora - resolution. Study of Words: Frequency N-grams, Word alignment in parallel corpora - length based, word based, cognate based, Word Sense Disambiguation - Supervised, unsupervised Techniques, Grammar: Markov Models, POS tagging, Context Free Grammar, Parsing - Example-based parsing, Study of Divergence, Applications: Machine Translation - Example Based, Rule Based, Statistical, Summarization - Word Space Model, Random Indexing, Multi Document summarization, Information Retireval - vector based, term distribution based, Sentiment Analysis.