MTL763: Introduction to Game theory

3 credits (3-0-0)

Game Trees, Choice Functions and Strategies, Choice Subtrees, Equilibrium N-tuples Strategies, Normal Forms, Non-cooperative games, Nash Equilibrium and its computation, The von Neumann Minimax Theorem, Mixed strategies, Best Response Strategies, Matrix Games and Linear Programming, Simplex Algorithm, Avoiding cycles and Achieving Feasibility, Dual-Simplex Algorithm, Duality Theorem, 2x2 Bimatrix Games, Nonlinear Programming Methods for Non-zero Sum Two-Person Games, Coalitions and Characteristic Functions, Imputations and their Dominance, The Core of a game, Strategic Equivalence, Stable Sets of Imputations, Shapley Values, N-Person Non-Zero Sum Games with continuum of strategies – Duels, Auctions, Nash Model with Security Point, Threats, Evolution, Stable Strategies, Population Games, Bayesian Games.