MTL717: Fuzzy Sets and Applications

3 Credits (3-0-0)

Fuzzy sets, fuzzy relations, matrix representation of fuzzy relations, fuzzy numbers, fuzzy arithmetic, Zadeh’s extension principle, ordering fuzzy numbers, ranking functions; Fuzzy aggregation, t-norm, t-conorm, fuzzy negation, other aggregation operators, OWA operators; Fuzzy relational equations (FRE), algorithms to solve system of FRE; Fuzzy optimization, fuzzy linear program; Fuzzy measures, belief and plausibility, necessity and possibility , Sugeno and Choquet integrals on finite sets; Fuzzy logic and approximate reasoning, Ifthen-else rules, Mamdani model, TSK model, SAM model; Applications of fuzzy sets and logics in areas of image processing, control, AI, computing with words, etc.; Generalized fuzzy sets - like type2 fuzzy sets, rough sets, and Intuitionistic fuzzy sets.