List of Core Courses
Code Name L-T-P
MTL100 Calculus 3-1-0
MTL101 Linear Algebra and Differential Equations 3-1-0
MTL102 Differential Equations 3-0-0
MTL103 Optimization Methods and Applications 3-0-0
MTL104 Linear Algebra and Applications 3-0-0
MTL105 Algebra 3-0-0
MTL106 Probability and Stochastic Processes 3-1-0
MTL107 Numerical Methods and Computations 3-0-0
MTL108 Introduction to Statistics 3-0-0
MTL122 Real and Complex Analysis 3-1-0
MTL180 Discrete Mathematical Structures 3-1-0
MTP290 Computing Laboratory  0-0-4
MTL342 Analysis and Design of Algorithms 3-1-0
MTL390 Statistical Methods 3-1-0
MTL411 Functional Analysis 3-0-0
MTD421 B.Tech. Project 0-0-8
MTL458 Operating Systems 3-0-2
MTL501 Algebra 3-1-0
MTL502 Linear Algebra 3-1-0
MTL503 Real Analysis 3-1-0
MTL504 Ordinary Differential Equations 3-1-0
MTL505 Computer Programming 3-1-0
MTL506 Complex Analysis 3-1-0
MTL507 Topology 3-1-0
MTL508 Mathematical Programming 3-1-0
MTL509 Numerical Analysis 3-1-0
MTL510 Measure and Integration 3-1-0
MTL601 Probability and Statistics 3-1-0
MTL602 Functional Analysis 3-1-0
MTL603 Partial Differential Equations 3-1-0
MTD701 Project-I 0-0-10
MTL712 Computational Methods for Differential Equations 3-0-2
MTL766 Multivariate Statistical Methods 3-0-0
MTL781 Finite Element Theory and Applications 3-0-0


List of Elective Courses
Code Name L-T-P
MTL145 Number Theory 3-0-0
MTL146 Combinatorics 3-0-0
MTL260 Boundary Value Problems 3-0-0
MTL265 Mathematical Programming Techniques 3-0-0
MTL270 Measure Integral and Probability 3-0-0
MTD350 Mini Project 0-0-6
MTL415 Parallel Algorithms 3-0-0
MTL445 Computational Methods for Differential Equations 3-0-0
MTL625 Principles of Optimization Theory 3-0-0
MTD702  Project-II 0-0-12
MTL704 Numerical Optimization 3-0-0
MTL717 Fuzzy Sets and Applications 3-0-0
MTL720 Neurocomputing and Applications 3-0-0
MTL725 Stochastic Processes and its Applications 3-0-0
MTL728 Category Theory 3-0-0
MTL729 Computational Algebra and its Applications 3-0-0
MTL730 Cryptography 3-0-0
MTL731 Introduction to Chaotic Dynamical Systems 3-0-0
MTL732 Financial Mathematics 3-0-0
MTL733 Stochastic of Finance 3-0-0
MTL735 Advanced Number Theory 3-0-0
MTL736 Analytic Number Theory 3-0-0
MTL737 Differential Geometry 3-0-0
MTL738 Commutative Algebra 3-0-0
MTL739 Representation of Finite Groups 3-0-0
MTL741 Fractal Geometry 3-0-0
MTL742 Operator Theory 3-0-0
MTL743 Fourier Analysis 3-0-0
MTL744 Mathematical Theory of Coding 3-0-0
MTL745 Advanced Matrix Theory 3-0-0
MTL746 Methods of Applied Mathematics 3-0-0
MTL745 Mathematical Logic 3-0-0
MTL751 Symbolic Dynamics 3-0-0
MTL754 Principles of Computer Graphics 3-0-0
MTL755 Algebraic Geometry 3-0-0
MTL756 Lie Algebras and Lie Groups 3-0-0
MTL757 Introduction to Algebraic Topology 3-0-0
MTL760 Advanced Algorithms 3-0-0
MTL761 Basic Ergodic Theory 3-0-0
MTL762 Probability Theory 3-0-0
MTL763 Introduction to Game Theory 3-0-0
MTL768 Graph Theory 3-0-0
MTL773 Wavelets and Applications 3-0-0
MTL780 Parameterized Algorithms for NP-hard Problems 3-0-0
MTL785 Natural Language Processing 3-0-0
MTV791 Special Module in Dynamical System 3-0-0
MTL792 Modern Methods in Partial Differential equations 3-0-0
MTL793 Numerical Methods for Hyperbolic PDEs 3-0-0
MTL794 Advanced Probability Theory 3-0-0
MTL795 Numerical Method for Partial Differential Equations 3-0-0
MTL843 Mathematical Modeling of Credit Risk 3-0-0
MTL851 Applied Numerical Analysis 3-0-0
MTL854 Interpolation and Approximation 3-0-0
MTL855 Multiple Decision Procedures in Ranking and Selection 3-0-0
MTL856 Lie Algebras 3-0-0
MTL860 Linear Algebra 3-0-0
MTL863 Algebraic Number Theory 3-0-0
MTL874 Analysis 3-0-0
MTL882 Applied Analysis 3-0-0
MTL883 Physical Fluid Mechanics 3-0-0
MTL888 Boundary Elements Methods with Computer Implementation 3-0-0