Apart from the traditional freshers and farewell ceremony, this time Maths Society is planning to organize some more events at a grander level.

Maths Fest:

Maths Society wishes to organize Maths Fest around February 2010, and invites ideas from the students to make the event grander. There is a need of volunteers for organizing the events, and marketing in Maths Fest. All interested students should ail suggestions as well as applications to mathssociety[at]yahoo.com

Sports Fest:

Maths Society plans to move ahead in yet another dimension as Sports Fest is scheduled later this academic year. The probable events will be Tennis Ball Cricket, Squash and table Tennis. Any more suggestions are invited.


It is heartening for us to see students enjoy, and what better way than a trip? We hope maximum participation from the students in living their dreams, and contribute heartily with suggestions for the best pobable timings of the year and place. We need a minimum amount of entries for the event to run successfully. So looking forward to your suggestions at mathssociety[at]yahoo.com